Can you help me sex my Swedish Flower Hen?

Potato Chicken

Mar 23, 2015
Hi everyone, I'm a long-time lurker but first-time poster. Anyways, I'm a complete newbie to raising chickens but so far, so good! We have 4, a speckled sussex, barred rock, black australorp (beautiful!) and the swedish flower hen in question. We call her/him Ingrid. Ingrid is a bit strange. When all the other chickens are going in to the coop for shade, Ingrid will stay out for a bit before going in. When all the other chickens sit on my lap for petting, Ingrid simply stays and sits on the ground. If the other chickens are roosting on the horizontal pole in their coop, Ingrid will again sit on the floor. Is this normal, or are they a rooster? They have a beautiful crest, too. Here's an imgur album, there are pictures of her buried in there amongst the other chickens (and my dog :p). If more pictures are needed please say so.

P.S. Ingrid is about 2 months old. She's the white one, not as beautiful as some other SFHs I've seen. We love her anyways :)
Oh, I didn't know you couldn't post imgur links here. It's been send to the mods. I'm busy now but I'll get some images up if I can later.
The mods approved the link. Images are up. Let me know if you need more
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