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    Sep 10, 2010
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    Ok i introduced two orange buff oringtons and my rooster kinda pushed them around and then the other three hens went at them and when bed time came they got on top of the coop so you know of course it started raining so i went and got a tarp and put over the top of the coop and today i had to put them on the ground then they huddled up in a corner i shewed them out of the corner and now there out with the others and acting normal but their just skittish oh and i forgot to say that when i put them in there the rooster mated with one of them...........................but now there acting normal but when they get in front of the rooster if the rooster walks toward them they dart out of his way is this normal file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/April%20Depew/My%20Documents/My%20Pictures/photo014.JPG oh and if this link works see if you can click and it take you to a pic but if it don`t right click and click open in a knew all the things that my rooster and the hens just normak?????????????????please help.....................

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    First, capitalization and punctuation are your friends; use them. My head hurts just trying to make sense of that post.

    Second, you can't link to a picture that is on your computer. Unless we're hackers we can't access your personal files. You can however link to a picture that you've uploaded to the internet. [​IMG]

    Now, to answer your questions. Yes, it's normal for chickens to scuffle a bit when first introduced to one another. Most people will introduce them through wire first to help eliminate or at least reduce the amount of scuffling. Another option is to put the new chickens in the coop at night when everyone is sleeping. The theory behind it is that the chickens wake up the next day and assume because the new girls are there waking up with them they must have been there all along. And yes, it's also normal for hens to skidaddle out of the rooster's way when he walks through. Most don't particularly like the mating ritual he's so fond of so they will stay below his radar when he's in an amorous mood if they can. [​IMG]
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    Quote:and gud speling to![​IMG]
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    Brandon, I understood perfectly. Your birds are doing what birds do, no one wants to lose their place in the pecking order. The roo? What's he care, more girls for him, and he wants them to know who's in charge.

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    Quote:I agree totally. They are acting totally normal. Just give them a little time and they will blend right in. Opringtons are known for being kind of shy and other birds will push them around. I know its hard, but will be fine.

    Good luck to you buddy!~

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