can you help solve the mystery of the missing blue eggs???

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    Apr 19, 2007
    I have one Ameraucana in my small flock. When my pullets started laying eggs late last summer I never got any blue eggs. I figured she must of been mixed and didn't get the blue egg-laying gene. Well to my surprise one morning in February I found a blue egg in the nest box. Hooray! Then a couple of days later she started laying large blue eggs almost every day. Totally wierd because she was approx. 11 months old.

    O.k. so I'm thinking late bloomer. But then the blue eggs disappear. I keep expecting one the next day. But now it has been almost two weeks. All the other hens seems be laying fine and she doesn't appear to be broody.

    Oh, please. I want my blue eggs back!
    Can you help me solve the mystery?
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    Do they free range? If so look for a nest somewhere in an out of the way place. Watch her and see where she goes. If they do not free range I don't know what is happening to your blue eggs.

    I have 1 of my RIR hens that started going off on her own and laying some eggs. I watched her one day and saw where she was going so after she left I went to investigate and I found her nest and 3 eggs in it. I took out the still warm fresh egg and left the other 2 there since I didn't know how long they had been there. I have been waiting to see if she would go broody on that nest. The weather hasn't been very nice here the last 2 days so they have not gotten to free range those days.

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    Apr 19, 2007
    They are kept in a run, so no nests out of the way. Any other ideas?

    Could it be nutrition?
    She is at the bottom of the pecking order but it seems like she gets to eat plenty of organic layer feed, treats and grass clippings.
  4. Sometimes when they are new at laying they will take "Breaks" like that. My last to start laying took a break on her egg laying to.

    She could be molting?

    Maybe your weather changed?

    Are you girl's getting to free feed on oyster shells?
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    My chickens are kept in a run and on occasion they do get to free range. But when my eggs started to go missing I looked all over. I watched them and never seen them go anywhere odd in there run. But one day I found that there was a small hole under the bottom of the coop. So out of curosity I looked under the coop and to my suprise [​IMG] I found like a dozen eggs or more. Bad chickens. Since I have filled in the hole and now they lay in their nest boxes again.
    The girls are very silly [​IMG]

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