Can You Make a Difference with Fatal Cancer?

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7 Years
Dec 6, 2012
New Brunswick,Canada
YES Becca did!

I did a release for one of Canada's fine young citizens that made an impact on our country and the world while fighting a fatal form of cancer. This picture is Becca five months before she passed away.

September 15 to celebrate her life I released 18 doves in her honour (one for each year she was on the planet.) Our government has dedicate the 3rd Saturday in September for the impact she made to recognize her contribution to the world. RIP Rebecca I will do my best to keep your dream alive.

Check out the link:

Becca was just Anne and Darren Schofields' daughter. They were doing their best to raise a young responsible, caring. and loving individual.
When stuck with this deadly cancer her class mates and family offered their support and time to full fill what would become her last wishes. Her response was unselfish with just the request to do something kind for a complete stranger.
Finally after the request was done anonymously for I do not know how long. The reason finally came out "BECCA TOLD ME TO". Starting first in Riverview then Moncton and Dieppe. Then thew technology and mass media it just went viral.

Here is a facebook site that was created in her memory run by her mom & dad.
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