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The new egg is me !! anyhow what i have is a golden sebright roo and hen, not real sure of the age but she just started laying, I got me 4 buff orpingtons pullets and was wondering if they would get along in the same coop, what is the best way to introduce them to one another, right now i have made a small area within the coop for the 4 youngsters, will they be compatible or not , they are 4 hens, 1 sebright hen and 1 sebright roo, thanks for any help
Keeping them seperate, but where they can see one another is a good idea. When you do integrate them be cautious, they can and may hurt the younger ones severely. If your seabright just started laying she is probably about 6 months old give or take a couple months. You don't say how old the pullets are. I'd like them to be comparable in size before integrating. If the Seabrites are too aggressive you could try seperating them to shake things up a little.
Good luck
I agree with the other post. Depending on their ages for when you should integrate them. Some do it at night. I let mine out during the morning together in the yard with plenty of treats. The hens did chase the pullets around some. I did have two very aggressive hens that I put in chicken jail for a few days while the rest of the flock sorted their pecking order out. Hopefully it will go smoother for you.
I chicken sit for my friends, and i have for a wile had new chicks every month or so and i just put them together and watch. break up fights if they happen. i do this for a couple days and keep them in seperate coops at night. my barred rock actully went broody over all my chicks, thats how she got the name big mama. this might not be the best way but it works the best for me.
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Put a lot of branches in the pen when you put them together. Then the timid ones will have somewhere to hide, and the aggressive ones will be slowed down by the obstacles. Be sure you keep track of them though. A meanie might lure a nicey down a blind alley and beat him to a pulp behind a dumpster.
I've read ppl on here come to a general consensus if it's big enough to be outside it can be around adults. That being said your sebright pair will easily be smaller than those ladies after a season or two.

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