Can you move 4 week chicks and 6 weeks chicks to the coop at the same time?


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Apr 24, 2014
Hello I'm new to the chicken world. My mom and I are going to tag team raising chickens. Together we are going to have around 12 +/- depending if we end up with any roos. She currently has 6 - 6 week RIR and I have 5 4-week BO. The coop is ready with heat lamps ect. Is it okay to move them in at the same time? Also, we have a few EE and BR arriving the 1st week of May. When should they be introduced to their older siblings?
Yes, I think it will probably be fine to move them at the same time. Both of them being in a new place will kind of throw them ALL off, which might be a good thing considering some are older. There will probably be some pecking and chasing, but hopefully not too much since they are all pretty young still.

With the younger batch being quite a bit younger, you might want to hold off till they are close to the same size as the older ones, or at least 6-8 weeks old. Putting them near the older ones so they can see each other but not touch for a few weeks is supposed to help smooth the transition.
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That should be okay. A 2 week age difference is about
the max you want to put together. Also these are a
lready older chicks so should be fine.
Karen in western PA
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Thank You! It just amazes me how fast they grow and the difference in size two weeks can make.
Also, Do the breeds that we choose get along well. I thought all chickens got a long. Now, after researching I have found some breeds should not be placed together.

Kim / North East
I find that our RIR seems to want to keep the peace/ not cause trouble... and our buff Orpington is SO sweet and motherly. We just got another BO. So ours get along fine. I think that a nice environment with lots of space helps keep the peace too.
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I don't have EE. Our BR's are inquisitive and a little bossy. After the initial establishing pecking order thing all of our chickens have gotten along wonderfully so far.
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That's nice to know Crazychickgirl. I was hoping they will be one big happy family. We wanted a variety. To have a nice egg basket. But I think they are all brown layers accept for the EE.

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