Can you order 10 chcicks?


13 Years
May 17, 2008
Anyone know of a place besides ideal that you can order less that 25 chicks from? Ideal dosent have the breed im looking for.
My pet chicken and Meyer. It will cost extra.
We looked at getting 4 pullet chicks this past spring from Meyer. It would have cost about $45, including shipping and Marek's vaccination.
Compare this to 25 pullet chicks we got from McMurray, which cost us $85, including shipping and Marek's vaccination.
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thanks for the info,I checked and they didnt have what i was looking for.At that rate i think id be better off just getting, 25
I think there are some backyard chicken breeders from Alaska on BYC. You probably could contact one of them and maybe get 10 chicks.
I have actually got birds locally,but i havent found anyone here raising Mottled D Uccles. Which is what im after.I have found someone to ship me eggs but chicks are always a better bet if you can get them.
I only wanted 10-12 as well ........... ended up ordering 25 from Welp ( very satisfied!)

My plans were to choose the best 12 to keep for layers and fry the rest ..................... now my wife has other ideas ....... 8^) ......... aint gonna be no fried chicken .................... just LOTS of eggs !!!!!

LOL .............. 8^)

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