Can you show me pics of your run access?

unfortunately I don't think mine will help you. I built my run so that I ( at 6'2") could walk into it with out bending over.

I agree I am not a fan of those itty bitty shoebox coops, I need to be able to walk in and care for birds in a comfortable manner for them and me LOL.




I would love to have a walk-in, but I am going under the radar with my coop--trying to hide it from the neighbors. I have a 24x24 picket fence area that I garden in--I'm going to put the coop in there. That way it cannot be seen from the street. You would have to walk into my garden to see them. Hopefully they will be quiet little girls. I'm telling everyone I'm getting new pet rabbits--shame on me for fibbing.
So it looks like I'm going to have to do some crawling in sometimes. But, I really want chickens.

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