Can you tell if they are fertile?

Here's a link to a great thread showing and telling how to tell if your eggs are fertile.
OMG! I have been trying to candle them,
. This will be much easier Thank you both very much.

P.s. Mary: Love ur signature!
Candling is for checking an egg that you are incubating. After you have broken a few and are satisfied that you have at least some fertilized eggs, you put them in an incubator, then you candle them to check for embryo/vein development. Depending on the egg, you might be able to see at 3 days. I usually wait till at least 7 days.
Raz...thanks!!! Like Jen said, candling is for eggs that have been incubating. White eggs usually take 7 days to incubate for a newbie to actually see anything...Candling a brown egg will take about 10 days and you will definitely need a bright enough like to see.

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