Can you tell me what sex these are yet? (pics)


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Heres poult #1

poult #2

they are almost 2 months old now??? i think. someone was talking about some line on their back that helps sex them? These are Royal Palms as i was told.

thanks for the help!
In the first pic the poult on the left is a hen and the one on the right looks like a tom. The poult in pic two is not showing any black and at that age they are that makes me think it may not be a Royal Palm. They start getting black at a few weeks.
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OMG YES!!!!!! Hope you all are right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was only allowed to buy two.... i pray i got a pair! Time to build a big turkey pen!!!

How can ya tell? The black on #1? and the balding head on #2?
these are my first turkeys.
I thought at first someone was scalping him, or he kept sticking his head through the chicken wire.

thats funny.

yay! what luck! out of a 20 st. run, we picked a pair!
Does bird 2 have any black on its back or tail that we can't see in the pic? If it is a Royal Palm tom it should have more black than the hen. I don't see any at all in the pic which makes me suspicious you have a white breed tom and not a Royal Palm.

if it is a BB white that was mixed in with the Palms the downside is he probably can't breed your hen.
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i havent noticed any black on him at all. Stupid feed store.... well i should blame myself, the guy has no idea about poultry at all, he just knows what they are ... "turkeys". He said i think they are royal palms.

I dont care, i just wish they were the same breed so i could breed true.... errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Now if that tom is a White Holland or any other breed he will be able to breed your hen but in pic 1 his breast looks very broad to me and I am suspecting he is a BB white.

At least you know you have a Royal Palm hen so just start looking for a young RP tom and in a couple of months you can process the white tom if he turns out to be a BB.

If you were near me I have a couple of extra young RP toms about the age of your hen.

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