can you tell me..


8 Years
Aug 24, 2011
If when you notice your rooster mating with one of your hens and after he has done his thing and gotten off of her, did the hen just lay there? I just witnessed it happen right in front of my eyes and she just laid there with her head on the ground, for a minute i thought he broke her neck, but i lifted her up and held her and then she lifted her head up again but is that normal behavior after they "do the deed"?
lol it scared the crap out of me! i just brought this boy home and he is already chasing them and catching them and mating with them.. ha ha sorry for sounding dumb. I just witnessed my baby girl mate lol ( feels like one of my kids came home and told me they lost their virginity ha ha) geeze... whew! glad to know she is gonna be ok.

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