Can you tell what color a silkie will be when it is a day old?

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  1. So I am just wondering since I had one little silkie hatch. It is yellow with black stripes on its head and back. Kind of chipmunky looking.
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    yes, by ur description it sounds like a light partridge. [​IMG]
  3. Really? What exactly do those look like? Supposedly they came from a pen where black, red, & white silkies. Is that a color that could pop out of those?
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    May 25, 2008
    I was happy to see this thread - so I'll hijack it. I just hatched Silkies, and I have been trying to find (Internet) out what colors they are - or will be. Three are as you described, one is smooth cocoa brown, one is smooth light gray, one is smooth dark gray, three are brownish chipmunky. These eggs were an ebay seller error, and I know nothing about Silkies.
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    Jul 18, 2007
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    yes to the first question, instead of it being a normal partridge which is a brown/redish color w/black it is more of a buff color and brown w/black. i do not breed reds but from my experiences sometimes when they come from a mixed pen they come out funky colored. by this i mean usually a red or partridge is the dominant color. my first silkies i hatched were 17 babies all had partridge color in them. they were black/partridge, splash/partridge ect., i had a rainbow but they were not solid recognised standard colors they were mixed color. i sold everyone of them,lol i don't keep them if they r not to standards since i show them. however if they r for pets any color of silkie is beautiful. [​IMG]

    some of the colors i have on my first website listed in my siggy there is a link. there is peep pics under all the colors i raise and there is photo albums for them. recognised colors r blue, black, partridge, gray, white and buff. splash, lavander and cuckoo r standard not recognized colors. they r shown as blues or grays to be entered into show. red is the newest color but is not showable or recognised that i know of.

    more pics can be found on another site- the other colors and some baby pics should be there also.

    i could tell u better by pics sometimes they show off color to know if they r mixed colors or not.
    hope that helps,

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