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    Feb 1, 2009
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    How do i candle eggs to see if they are fertile and what should i use. i am new to this and really dont know what i am looking for. i am trying to use this as a 4-H project so i need every little detail.
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    Depends on which eggs you have . I have white and creme colored right now. So i just use a high powered flashlight and hold it up to the big end of the egg in a dark room. Other folks build candlers from an old coffee can where they would install a light bulb in oe side and cut a whole a bit smaller than the egg on the other. Some eggs might be darn near impossible to candle, like those dark shelled marans or really thick shelled eggs. Good luck.
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    You have some good info over here. As for what to look for, here's a site I use when candling eggs. Helps bunches. [​IMG]

    If the site doesn't work, as it's tempermental on my computer, click the back button and click the link again.

    Good luck!

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