Candling Duck eggs


Aug 18, 2017
Gansevoort, NY
Hello, so I have a dozen duck eggs in the bator. They are a mix of domestic ducks from a friend. This is my first time incubating duck eggs so I'm still learning. I have a candling chart that I try to follow. Today is day 8, and I think I have about 6 developing and 6 not:( I've got the humidity and temperature all right. But 6 just never seemed to even start developing, so I'm thinking that maybe they just weren't fertile.... Anyways, later tonight, I'm going to upload some pictures of them on this thread to get some opinions. I want to get rid of any bad eggs, but I want to make sure that they are definitely bad
How was your success rate with hatching? I’m on day 8 now and candling is getting a bit confusing because the veining isn’t as clear and I don’t know if that’s a bad thing

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