Candling eggs - I don't think these are still alive.

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    Jul 14, 2018
    I have two broody silkie hens sitting on eggs. They are not all due to hatch on the same day. I did not pick up eggs for a few days and these two rolled them into their nest. I have had one hatch, one that got cracked near hatching, and 10 more to go. I have seen movement in 7 of them. Not sure about one and pretty sure 2 are no good. This is my first time hatching chicks and my hens first time also .What do you think about these two eggs?

    One had two dark spots that are free floating .I can see an air sac, but don't think any veins.

    The next one had an air sac and seemed close to having hatching two days ago and now the air sac is gone and I can see light spaces through the egg in places. I don't think any movement. IMG_20190206_191431732.jpg IMG_20190206_191142864.jpg IMG_20190206_191557761.jpg IMG_20190206_191604367.jpg

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    How long has it been since the first egg hatched? And since you noticed the one egg cracked? Do you have any idea on how long they have been incubated by the broody?
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    The second pic I can see veins in pretty sure
  5. emilyenorris

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    Jul 14, 2018
    The first one hatched two days ago. The cracked one was a day before that . I am sure one hen has been sitting 3 weeks on 3 eggs and then she gathered more . What looks to be veins in the second pic seems to be a hollow spot with feathers in it. The egg is still under the hen that has been sitting the longest. I think that the others should hatch in the next few days and then another hatch weekend after that. What a mess. I won't miss picking up eggs again without paying more attention .

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