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    We are wondering about candling eggs. We have read about different candling conversations but none have answered the following questions of... Do you candle the eggs that chickens are sitting on? When you candle the eggs what are you looking for? Since we are new at raising chickens we have been using this website a reference.
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    Jan 6, 2009
    For our broody hen, we candled when she was off the nest with a bright flashlight. Depending on your shell color, thickness, you will see more or less detail.

    If I was new to it, I would wait until day 10. There should be an aircell and veining on the inner surface of the shell, and a black floaty lump swimming around in there.

    There are some threads with links to some very nice pics if you do a search.

    Best of Luck!
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    Here is a site with some great candling pics that show you what to look for:
    Sure you candle eggs under a broody hen, I have. But I had to wait until night so I could see what was in the egg.
    Folks generally candle at day 7 or 10 to remove any eggs that are infertile or not developing and sometimes again at day 18 to remove any eggs that quite developing.
    Candling is basically a tool to help you remove undeveloping eggs that may turn into rotten eggs and blow up.

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