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    OK- so after candling a LOT of eggs, I have a few observations I would like to share [​IMG]
    I have spent a lot of time candling eggs at the beginning, enough that I can tell if an egg will develop sometimes by day 2 (white & light eggs) and of course I don't throw them out until day 10 just to be sure [​IMG] . I don't know how much time or effort has been put into this, so here goes.
    My first observation is that a yolk will start to look elongated instead of round on day 2 if there is embryonic development.
    My second observation is that on day 4 if there is embryonic development the yolk will settle to the bottom instead of remaining suspended. My eggs that have no development on day 4, the yolk looks like a little ball suspended in the middle.

    Just wanted to share [​IMG]
    If anyone wants to check it out for themselves and see how it works for you, feel free to share


    edited to add that these eggs were incubated in cartons
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