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I candled fresh eggs so that I knew what my incubated eggs looked like at the start. I have 2 pink, 2 green, 1 olive, 1 blue, and 2 brown eggs. I could see clearly in all of the fresh eggs. When I candled the eggs in my incubator I could see clearly the 2 pinks and 1 of the greens. They looked like the pics of what 7 day eggs should look like. The other green , olive , blue, and brown eggs were like trying to candle a rock. No light at all through them at all. Is this what happens to eggs that quit early ? It's like they are hard boiled. My incubator has been a steady 99-100 degrees @ 40-45%. Any thoughts on what I am seeing ?

Thanks, Mark
I had one egg I could not see into no matter WHAT all through candling. No matter how I angled the light or how dark it was, nadda. Well it hatched, and I am glad I did not pitch it. All the other eggs i could see through but this one, it was a light blue EE egg. Sorry I cant help you, but that is my little story
Thank you CluckCluck, Even "little stories" help us optimistic first timers. As long as there is hope I'll keep um in there. I can find boatloads of info on what they are supposed to look like, not much on when things get weird. The eggs I used to test are from the exact same hens I got the eggs I set from, just 10 days fresher. We shall see....
I had a tough time seeing my Brown eggs with my first hatch....went down and bought a duracell LED flashlight that cost me 40 bucks for this hatch ! Lots of $ for me but WOWEE can you ever see ! It was like looking through a white egg! It's so nice ! Day 20 today....I candled before lockdown and could see really well.....Just a thought ! Good Luck!
I had an olive egg that I could not see through for anything, no matter what light I used! That egg was the first one that hatched, so don't give up!!!
I got a new LED flashlight from Menards. Guidsman is the brand. It was like $6. I took out the plastic plate that protects the light bulbs. That took some effert but I can see in my Blue Copper Marans eggs. And those are supper dark brown.
When I have dark or thick eggs I try to get in the darkest room I can and at least try to see if the air sac is developing. I also won't pitch a questionable one.... just mark a spot on it and try every 3 or 4 days to see if anything is visable...
Daidohead: That was smart of you to candle before the eggs started developing for comparison. I had been candling for a while on several hatches with a small 9 led flashlight that was good up until after Day 10 when all I could see was an air cell & dark mass, never saw any wiggling. I was always satisified at around 7- 10 days to see the air cell, dark mass in middle/chick growing & clear egg white at the pointed end of the eggs. But when I candled my blue/green eggs, it was a whole different story & couldn't see anything. Recently, I found a 4" NEBO flashlight that can shine thru my hand; it works much better on the blue/green eggs to see dark mass vs clear unfertile egg. So don't worry about not seeing everything & just be patient & trust that something is more likely than not happening in there. Happy hatching!
Thank you all for your thoughts. My concern is that I CAN see into all of my fresh eggs with my candler, no matter what color. 2/3 of the eggs I set ( exactly the same color, same hens, as my fresh eggs) I can not see into, It's like after 7 days in the incubator they are as solid as a rock. The remaining 1/3 of the eggs I set look perfect for 7 day eggs. Do eggs in the incubator solidify ( like hard boiled ) when they are bad ?

Thanks Again, Mark
Daidohead: Solid color to me sounds good! Time will tell. I have noticed every once in a while that some eggs develop faster than others & can only imagine & contribute to warmer & colder spots in the incubator or breed type. Take notes on these things & put a pencil mark on the top of those eggs in question, so you can maybe learn something from it after your hatch. If there are any bad eggs in the next several days before lockdown on Day 18, then they will smell bad & you'll be able to tell. If you'd like, check out this site on hatching MARCH HATCH-A-LONG come join in by typing it in the Search box above at the right on this page. Happy hatching!
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