Candling Question?


10 Years
May 3, 2010
Southern NH
I am on day 12 and I candled today. Im not seeing anything like my previous hatch (i think i candled later with that one though). How long do I give it before I throw them out and try to get my broody up and moving!

Also I have a dark green egg under her, I cant see anything in there! Is there any harm in her sitting on it for another week to see if it hatches?
I didn't even candle the eggs when they were under my broody!! I just her do her thing!! The first time I ever candled was a week or so ago. (It was SO neat) I candled on day 7 but even though I was 99% sure that 6 eggs were no good I left them there till day 14 to make 100% sure.

Good luck with your hatch!!

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