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Dec 7, 2010
I'm at day 8 and 2 of 8 eggs have visible veins when candled. The other 6 have nothing visible except the air sack.
My assumption is that the "6" are not going to developed and should be culled.

I just want to make sure I am correct before I trash the 6 with no veins!

Are they really clear? Or are the shells thick and it's hard to tell? I can only see veins in my white eggs b/c I'm just using a little LED flashlight. I'm not culling anything until it is super obvious that the egg is really empty or a quitter.
I ended up culling 6 of the 8 eggs. Good thing the seller sent 2 extras.

I have 1 eggs in my LG and 1 egg in my homemade incubator. Now I have to decide to keep 1 egg in each incubator or to combine them into one.
If I combine them into one incubator, should I put them in the LG or my homemade incubator? LGs are known for having problems, which I haven't had any yet.
I'm sooo 26 and nothing from the 2 remaining eggs. What an emotional rollercoaster!!!

Time to start the search for some more bantam barred cochin eggs.
Oh, I totally know how that feels......I've had two batches of eggs (one 18 Dominiques and one 9 Araucanas), and I got nothing from both one year......Sometimes things that happen during shipping like rough handling, or the eggs getting too hot or too cold can ruin your embryos.....

I try to order eggs from the same state I'm in....althought I did have a 50% hatch from eggs that I ordered from Texas...I'm in Ohio, so I thought that was pretty good.

Keep on trying!
People think I'm nuts but I also have to say I can smell when my eggs are incubating right. lol It's the smell of the sacs when they hatch. I also start smelling them when they are 8-10 days into incubating.

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