Candling shipped eggs, need help


5 Years
Apr 28, 2014
I ordered some Lavender Orpington chicken eggs off of Ebay on Friday night, they shipped Saturday, and arrived today. So they are at least 48 hours old. I am new to candling eggs and hatching them myself so I am not sure what all to look for or what a good or bad egg looks like. Below are pictures of the 4 eggs that arrived today. Please comment and tell whether each is good or bad. Thanks for the help!

EGG #1: I think this one cracked during shipping

EGG #2: What do all of the holes mean?

EGG #3

EGG #4: This is the only one that looks like this & even though I do not know what fertilized looks like, to me this looks fertilized lol or my idea of what fertilized would look like. Could this just mean this one is older?

Also, I read somewhere about air cells in eggs and I didn't see any on any of the eggs while candling except for this picture but I am not sure as this is my first time doing this:

Is that an air cell at the very bottom?

Thanks for looking! I appreciate any help/advice I can get. Another question, so will the eggs not develop any more at all until put in incubator? Like they will stay looking like this and not develop veins or anything?


10 Years
Mar 26, 2009
Store them with the small side down, so the air cell will be on the larger end. Let them rest for 48 hours and then you should be able to incubate them fine. The ones with cracks are no good. I've seen some ppl who glue them, it's never a guarantee. After incubating for 8 days candle them and you will know if the are fertile or not.
Good Luck!

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