Candling shipped eggs


9 Years
Jan 9, 2011
Broken Bow
Ive got some white eggs that I bought off of ebay and candled today which is day 4. They show normal looking development, but look kinda scrambled inside. I also have an egg of my own that I set on the same day of the same breed and it looks different as far as how runny it looks in the inside, if that makes any sense. Could I expect these to continue to develop? Ive had 3 hatches so far and have an 85% hatch with my eggs and about 42 with some other shipped eggs. I would be satisfied with a 40%-50% hatch on these. I am just trying to get enough to breed, I only have the one hen now with a different roo.
If you minimize handling, they might hatch. I've had eggs with ruptured air cells hatch fine, but I probably wouldn't expect a 50% hatch rate.
I probably wouldn't candle them again until lockdown.
they do tend to get scrambled when they ship. As long as the yolk sac isn't broken they should be OK - but as mentioned before 50% is a good hatch rate for shipped eggs.

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