8 Years
Jun 25, 2011
im not sure exacly how old the eggs are but there are 2 and they are about 7 days old. can someone post some pics of what healthy eggs should look like by now please the incubator kept getting a little too cold for some reason so i want to make sure they are still ok
thank you! but what do you think the best way to candle the eggs is? i cant really see in the egg the way im doing it and i cant tell if it looks like the pictures or not
I have used a small flash light with a strong bulb before and it worked well. I have a candler now and it works just a little better than the flash light. If you go to the Learning Center link at the top of the page there is a section telling how you can build your own candler.
Thank youuu. I'll try that but when I tried on a brighter light I couldn't really see anything really. Do you think they are alive in there???? I hope soo but the temp has been going between 98 and 100 usually but once it was down to 96. Do you think they are ok?
Are you in complete darkness when you candle? It makes a huge difference. I even put a blanket over my head to get it really dark. I think that as long as the temp didn't stay low too long that you will be okay. It may slow development and they may hatch a day or two late, but I'm thinking that they will be okay.
ok thank you! and it isnt too dark eventhough all the lights are off its still light ill try the blanket thing thank you

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