Cannot break broody hens have tried everything


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Mar 23, 2014
I have two hens have been broody for two months now and I have tried everything to break them nothing is working. I am worried because they are losing weight and both just want to sit in the nest together. I have to physically remove them daily and lock them out of the coop. I just want them to get back to normal again but nothing is working. Trust me I have tried it all!!
Just so you don't get a bunch of suggestions that you've already tried, if you could just list the things you've tried that would be great.
Arrgg! I hate those stubborn hens! Even though you probably already tried these, here is my best advice: Take out all eggs (real or fake) put the hens in a wire cage or dog crate with nothing to sit on, (Make sure they have food and water; just no bedding or eggs.) block off the nests, put a frozen water bottle in the nest under them, don't allow them to sleep in the nest at night and continue to remove them from the nest boxes.

Hope this helps and good luck!

I agree with Yay---define "everything". If they're in a coop with a nest box available, you haven't tried long enough. Put them, separate, in wire cages elevated from the ground. No nest in the cage--only food and water, a roost if you want. It usually takes a good 5 days this way, but a persistent hen can take over a week.
I have removed all nesting boxes ( they are not laying anyway) and then I put in wire cages for a week that did not work, I tried getting baby chicks to trick them that did not work, so now I have 5 red pullets babies running around which I love them. I also have two pekin ducks and when I do kick them out they fight with my ducks. I did not have these hens since they were little they were given to us and they were doing great laying one egg a day each but for two months they are broody and they both sit in the same nest the one chicken is protective of the other one and wraps her wing around the other. I just physically remove them from the nest daily and lock them out and they do come out and eat then but they keep stalking the coop. they are making me crazy and very attitudy. I really don't have access to fertilized eggs so that is not any option.
someone once told me that if you put the hens feet into cool water then you will shock her out of broodiness - although I have never tried this as it sounds quite harsh. I sometimes put my broody hens into different coops for a few days to change things around and break routine. this usually helps - as long as you have any other housing. I don't know how helpful this is, but I thought I'd share it with you. good luck! :)
Keep them in the cages longer.

Or, since you're not heavily invested in these birds as pets, sell them. Lots of folks would love to have a broody hen and would even trade a good layer for one.
I have two hens in one of my groups that are very broody and I just have to take them out every day and they are both buff orpingtons and they are more aggressive than my red sex links idk what else to do either lol
yes they have had cages off the ground. I really am not wanting to get rid of them either. When I take them out they eat and drink and fluff themselves in the dirt. Yes they fluff up their feathers at first but the only way I can get them to eat is remove them. They are just stubborn. I have heard about the cold water too but thought was rather harsh too. I may have to try it though.

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