Can't decide if hen is broody or not

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    Oct 9, 2011
    I have about a ten month old brahma hen who was hatched march/april 2011. It seams she is broody but I am not sure. She has been sleeping with the eggs but there is no plucked feathers on her chest and she is extremely nice still. She also hasn't laid an egg of her own in about 3-4 days. She has been sitting on our other hens eggs (red sex link and leghorn). I have been letting her sit on the eggs for about 3-4 days. All the eggs are fertile because we have a brahma rooster who is with them all the time. I want her to be broody but I dont know if she is and if she isn't then I want to eat the eggs so please let me know. Thanks and Happy Farming!

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    sounds broody to me.Not all broodys are mean. My last 2 I had one of each.
    I'd just take a pencil and mark the eggs you want her to sit on and remove any new ones daily if you don't seperate her from the rest of the flock because some chickens will steal eggs for a couple of weeks.
    And by the way I've only broody that pulled feathers out of her chest.
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