Can't even Stand up! :(

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    Jun 16, 2010
    Hi, I have very sick baby chickens, that I need help with. I posted on here a few days ago but I figured I would make it easier to read and try and post pictures to. Please read and see if you might know what this is..

    AGE - 4-5 months old

    SYMPTOMS - Can't walk, there is Slimy stuff all in his mouth, Puffed up, His toes are curled and he can't even stand up. A couple of weeks ago all the chicks had black/purple spots on their feet (Like bruises) , Very light wieght, black comb, Can't stand up.

    What is his cage/pen like? - Since he is sick, we seperated him from all the others. We put him in a wire cage with a peice of cardboard in the bottom.

    What dose he eat? - Medicated Starter feed, before he got sick he would also come out and eat bugs/grass ect. but since he can't even stand up now, alls he has eaten is his starter.

    Other - We hatched 10 baby chicks out in an incubator this year, DEFINATLY NOT my first time hatching but the first time I have had

    scary problems with them. We only have 7 of them left now. They literally just fall over dead. The fist one that died just started flopping

    around (Like they do when they dust bathe) And then about 5-10 minutes later he was dead. We recently stopped using hay, cloroxed

    their water/food bowls, And got them brand new starter feed, and they started to get better, but now this one is sick. This one is

    eating and all. We thought he was dead yesterday so we went out there to see what was wrong and he was still alive, But can't even

    stand we tried to stand him up ourselves but he just falls over. His toes are curled (Like frozen or somthing) Thanks so much for taking

    the time to read this. I will try and have pictures of him soon but I don't know because I have got to figure out how to post them ..

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