Can't keep my roo ... don't know what to do with him!!!

I purchased 25 hens in early april. Unexpectedly 3 of them turned out to be roosters. We contemplated the idea of having at least 1 rooster when we purchased them all. Just as you say, the hens were taking a beating and showing lots of stress. 2 of these roosters were really mean not only to the ladies, but anyone who entered our run or coop area. The 3rd rooster seemed and still is pretty good with everyone so far. Most people we tried to pawn these off on said it was best to put them in the pot!! There was a great article written on this website pertaining to managing a mean rooster. Well, I tried some of those remedies and didnt have much real luck with it. They only avoided me temporarily. It didnt break them of attacking us. Soooo, we located an Amish gentleman that processed birds for a reasonable price. They are both in the freezer and most likely will be a nice crock pot stew or slow roaster with stuffing! Some birds can be very disruptive to the rest of the flock and have to go or be separated. A rooster(if its a good one that gets along) can be a valuable asset for protection and replenishing your stock from time to time. The one I kept is a beautiful Buff Orpington named george. It took him a long time to learn to crow, but now he found his voice and sings out a really nice good morning and good night! Wish you luck!

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