Can't seem to get humidity up for hatch. Any suggestions??


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I have a still air incubator and was able to keep the humidity at 50% the first 18 days by having the tray full, two folded wet wash clothes and four very small glass dishes filled with water. Now I have two sponges instead of the washclothes (they fit better under the wire) and one extra sponge in there and can't get it over 53%. Do you think by having that much wet in there they will be ok? Or do I need to find a way to get it increased? If so any suggestions?
We have heard them chirping in their little eggs so know that they are coming soon!!!!

John and Julie
stand the sponges up on their sides to increase surface area...otherwise, how many vent holes do you have? Which incubator is it?

For the last three days, you need your humidity to be around 65%. (And you're probably going to hear different percentages.) It sure seems like you have ALOT of water in there......really a very large amount. What type of incubator do you have, and also what are you using to measure the humidity?
We have a still air incubator. I have pulled both red plugs. Yes all of the tray (spaces) in the bottom are full. It is a Little Giant.
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So is it like the white styro-foam ones? You should put those plugs back in, if you can't get that humidity up.

I wouldn't put them all the way back in, as you don't want to suffocate the chicks, during hatch ventilation is very important. I would suggest turning the plugs upside down and maybe half way covering the holes though.
oooh, that's a good point! Maybe get a cheap-o hygrometer to double check the one you have! Chipper, you're such a thinker!

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