Can't seem to pinpoint the problem..

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    Recently a Sultan of ours started to act drowsy, unstable and generally ill. We had a sharp weather drop, which is what I assumed was the cause, as these birds aren't hardy. I also guessed this to be eggbound, as she displayed all the symptoms, but I was incorrect on that guess.

    She felt too thin to me, which could also be a big problem in colder weather (40s at night, 60s in the day). I've given her calcium, a small dose of aspirin, and poly-vi-sol in addition to food and water. Along with keeping her inside under a heat lamp, she has perked up; though, over about 3 days. I am not sure if that's considered a quick recovery simply from being cold, which leads me to think that maybe it could be something other than just shock from the cold? Perhaps not, but I would love to hear of others experience. I figure she could have been slightly hypothermic, as her feet were cold and rather colorless. Anyway, some feedback would be much appreciated.

    Also--does anyone know of any cheap heating systems for coops? We were looking at uv panels and lights, which cost around 100-300. Not too bad, but I'm always looking for good deals!

    All of our other chickens/ducks are hardy birds.
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    Given the chicken is thin I would think worms or mites could be an underlying problem.

    I would be very surprised that you would need to suppliment heat, extra light though through the winter months will help with egg laying. As long as the coop is dry and vented chickens do fine even when outside temperatures drop well below freezing.
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    Quote:in the old days they used to call it ROUP..A stress from sudden drop in temp and some poultry like some people are affected by taking a sudden chill..they develop an upper respratory infection, over all look good, poop normal, normal comb color , normal crop, just generally feeling under the weather and sleepy..there is probably some reading out there on it...
    Im pretty sure today its chronic respratory disease. sudden drop intemps can trigger attacks. but there are so many things, not sure where you live, but there has been a rash of West nile and other such things going on.

    and do follow thier advise to dust for mites and lice, they are very hard to see and will literally eat your birds alive and you wont know what happened until its too happens fast too, especially in your climate
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