Can't Stand the STRESS!!!!! Update: Break out the molassas milk!!!!!


12 Years
Jan 12, 2008
Nor Cal
OK. It is officially day 11 on my showgirls. I have not candled yet because I have read that the first 2 weeks of incubation are the most critical in terms of temperature. I DON'T KNOW IF I CAN HANDLE IT ANYMORE!!!!
Where is a "hair pulling" smilie when ya need one?

The Big Q: Should I go ahead and candle tonight? Or should I be a good girl and wait until day 15?
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Ok ok ok. I was bad.... I candled 3 days earlier than I promised I would..... Out of 14 eggs......

ALL ARE DEVELOPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ooooh silkie you haven't lived if you haven't had molassas milk.
All it really is is molassas mixed with some milk. Some put more, others put less. It really just depends on how much you like molassas. You should try it! Assuming you like molassas of course....
Yes, molasses comes in a jar. It is kind of like a dark, sweet, syrup. I use Grandma's Gold Standard, All Natural, Unsulphured, Original Molasses. It comes in a darkish jar with a yellow lid and a yellow wrapper.

Oops, LOL. I have been spelling it wrong this whole time!

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