Can't we all just get along???

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    Jun 1, 2012's the story...

    My kids got two baby chicks from their 3rd grade science class around 18 months ago. Up until about a month ago, they were our only two chickens. They are big easter eggers, a hen and a rooster.

    Fast friend was getting rid of her chickens about a month ago and she gave me four silkie/rhode island red mixed chickens that are about 6 months old. I know...odd combination, but they are sweet, medium sized, light golden colored babies with feathers on their feet and a "poofy" head. ha! I believe my favorite one my friend gave me is turning out to be a roo. He is sooo cute. Solid golden red, but just developed a comb and waddle, has a scrawny neck...pretty sure it is a roo.

    Here's my question (hope it's not a problem...) Is it possible that my two roosters can get along in the chicken pen together??? I don't want to get rid of my easter egger rooster. He has been a good protector for his easter egger hen and we have had him since he was one day old. He also doesn't have much interest in the silkie/rhode island red mix hens. I also like the silkie mix rooster because he is so cute and although he is only about 6 months old, he seems fairly calm. When I let all of the chickens out in the yard to free range the two easter eggers go their way and the silkie mix chickens go their way.

    I willl also easter eggers are the dominate two. The EE roo is top dog. He runs the show and even my EE hen tells the little girls what to do and acts like she doesn't like them, but she doesn't hesitate to snuggle up to them at night when they roost. lol!

    Soo.....Do you think the roos (as the silkie/rhode island red mix gets older) can all coexist peacefully?
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    It's possible, although as your younger rooster matures there is the possibility that the two roosters will have to settle things between themselves. That could come in the form of skirmishes, or it could be more serious. Only time will tell.
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    I think this is key clue that they can coexist.
    She's head hen and will harass them, but if she allows them to roost with her, that's a very good sign.

    My head hens harass the pullets, not to any extreme, but will not allow them to roost near them. They all get enough to eat and have enough roost space, they are just not chummy in any way. Reminds me of Jr. High School girls.

    Ditto on what bobbi said about the roos, they may get along they may not....only time will tell.

    Good Luck!
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