Capon vs Rooster

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9 Years
Jul 29, 2010
Aledo, TX
Same age, same feed, same everything but testicles. Can you spot the difference?



Had a hunk off each breast and I think the capon is a little more tender, the rooster a bit more gamey, but not much at all. Both boys were DEEELICIOOOUSSSSS!!!
Wow it is good to see the comparison side by side. I heard it did make a difference but from what I was told it was a big difference. Guess proof is in the carcass right?!
Yea ! The capon $$$ more in terms of labor. Any perceived difference in taste or tenderness is minor at this same side by side age to be worth the effort. Now if you were to compare butchering them both at a year /+ of age, I would think that there would be more of a tenderness difference similar to a steer vs. bull at 6 months of age vs. 18 -24 months of age. Thank you for sharing your experiment.
I noticed the capon had whiter meat and a broader breast, but as you said, this was at 5 months. I look forward to repeating the experiment once I am outside the city limits and have the space to raise them to that age.

The main reason I butchered this early was for space. I only have a 10x20 pen and 9 extra chickens were taking up too much room. I know I could conceivably have 50 in that sized pen but YEEKS it was crowded in there with just the 34. 25 is most definitely better.

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