Caponizing a rooster?

The LRR Coop

Sep 19, 2019
yes i read the article posted. i dont have any behavior issues with these boys. they are all very well behaved and sweet. im doing it for population control and to keep them from tearing the hens up
I knew this would be one of those topics before I did the search... phew... anyway, we are in the country and can have what we want but too many roos is a problem. Out of eight chicks I got two pullets. I've got two mature roos that do an amazing job of protecting the flock. Now I've got two cockerels I want to keep and yea basically for pets. Not gonna apologize for that. I've got another young cockerel that is one heck of a mouser! That's too many roos for my hens. So you're not alone!! In addition to that why waste the meat when the capons are suppose to be so good?

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