Car Travel with Chickens

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15 Years
Jan 31, 2008
NW Oregon
The end of May I will be driving about 800 miles and I will be taking about 8 total mix of 8-12 week old Pullets (standard breeds)
They will be confined to a travel crate (dog crate) for about 24 hours.
Last year I traveled with 12 week old pullets in a small/med size dog crate, they had more than enough room and did fine.
The will be in my van with food and water in their crate(s), and temp will be controlled. I will have Hay or shavings as bedding
what I'm curious about is how "cozy" can they travel? how much space will they need per pullet?
we are starting our drive the first night and ending it the 2nd night.
If there is a thread already about this could you direct me?
for 24 hours travel, I would not give them food or water, just a few apples.. gives them something to do and some water.. that minimizes manure in the cage.. the only issue is overheating, easy to do if they are in sunny window or not enough ventilation... they will have no interest in eating for the trip.. being confined though may make them egg bound if in the cage too long, try and keep the trip short or be prepared to deal with an egg bound bird
thank you,
I can keep them from getting too warm. I travel with dogs all the time so am pretty good with that.
really they will be okay w/o food and water? I learn something new every day.
thanks for the tips.
I feed my dogs less when they travel but they always have access to water.
My dozen travel 400 miles with me (7 hours) every two weeks.
They have food and water available at all times.
They travel on pine shavings, so the smell is not so bad.
The most important thing is to keep them cool.
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