Caring for injured chicken

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    May 27, 2014
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    My 32-wk old EE seems to have injured her right foot. I bathed her in epsom salts today and cleaned her off. She is not egg bound--laid a nice green egg this morning; no bumble foot that I could discern; eyes are bright and she will eat. But she clearly limps and sat most of the time today out in the yard by herself as the others roamed around though she did go into the coop tonight and was able to hop up to the perch. She can fly fine and is not wobbly or anything. My questions: 1) Should I try and give her 1/2 of a low-dosage chewable aspirin for pain relief and inflammation? and 2) should I put her in a crate and isolate her inside my house for a few days to lessen her walking around and promote healing? Or should I put her in the coop outside and then bring her inside for the nights? It is warm right now daytime but at night dips to the 30s and I am afraid she all be quite cold without the other hens to snuggle with. Thank you.

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