Caring for Rooster with Arthritis


Mar 27, 2019
The love of my life is a 13 year old BR rooster. He has severe arthritis and takes medicine to battle the stiffness in his legs. I just built him a new coop - his retirement home! I think I got the layout right so he can get to the roost - but would love some ideas on how to make him more comfortable - particularly how to heat. I know it's not good to heat a coop, but he's happiest when we can have heat on his legs. (Loves riding in the car with the heated seat on!)

I have two Cozy Coops heaters that I wanted to install on the wall behind the roost, but read that they can burn a coop down (and one got so hot I couldn't keep my hand on it!!). I'm thinking about a window ledge with a pet bed heater?? (he needs a wide roost)

Any ideas on how to keep him comfortable?
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Oct 4, 2017
Lincolnton, NC
13!!! That’s super impressive.... I didn’t know any chicken could live that long.
Maybe keep some baby aspirin around? I know they can have that, but idk about everyday. I guess maybe look up anti inflammatory diet for a chicken since arthritis pain stems from inflammation.

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