carolina coop day 2


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10 Years
May 24, 2009
Mint Hill N.C.
I have it all framed in and have the siding on 3 sides, the girls were out today in the hen pen and were looking at me like I was not moving fast enough in getting their new home ready. They think that I live to serve them, if they only knew that word has more than one meaning LOL a picture of todays progress, final tab is $443.00 in materials, still better than paying $1500. for a coop already built.
I started with and existing building and $1000.00 budget.
I'm over $3000.00 now and almost finished. I still need a feeder,water er and pine shavings.
I must admit I went a little crazy. I have friends who said it's nicer than there house.

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