Cart Coop for sale in MD (close to VA, PA and WV) 850!! w/covered run


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May 8, 2008
Sharpsburg, MD.
This coop was constructed for a Chickenstock we had this Summer. We went all out on it as it was our model for the event. It is just gorgeous!! I almost had it sold more times than I can count but, I guess the money was a factor. It is so worth it!... if you got it
We recently moved to western Maryland (Sharpsburg) and will deliver for free within an hour. $50 for 1-2 hours. Anything over that, you may have to come and scoop it or we can meet.

The Cart Coop is our most popular model. It is built on a heavy duty utility cart rated for over 1,000lbs. Constructed of 2x2 pine, durable T1-11 siding or pine board siding, galvanized and corrugated roofing, 3/4" subfloor, osb ceiling, pressure treated 2x2 pine for the runs and galvanized chicken wire, this coop holds 4-6 hens in its 16 sq. ft. of living space with another 16 sq. ft. of outdoor space. Your chickens will live in luxury with floor to ceiling windows, balcony overlooking the garden (window flower box:), a comfortable perch, auto-feeder and 2 spacious nesting boxes.





more pics can be seen here

sell these for 1,000!!! The cart alone is 100+metal (150)+siding(100)+pressure treated wood(40)+3/4"subfloor(25)+150 bucks worth of screws,hardware cloth, chicken wire, 2x2 pine, osb .... = nearly 500!! worth of materials. We've dropped our price down to 850 for a sale this week. I have it advertised on craigslist too so listing may come down at any time.
you cannot keep teasing me like this! Someday Im traveling your way and one of those suckers are mine!

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