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I have not been able to find any information on BYC about Carter's Legacy Farms in Loxley, Alabama. Has anyone ordered from them before and were you happy with the quality of their chicks?

Thank you.
TinaG, I have not ordered from him, but he has bought stock from us in the form of hatching eggs and has been very fair and timely in his payment for the eggs. I will say that I would not hesitate to buy from him
Thank you very much! The more opinions about a hatchery that I read the more confused I get. 50 people can have 50 different opinions, but anything positive helps.
Hi TinaG! Scott and Emily Carter are such wonderful people! I would highly recommend them. They're honest, good people. Good quality and plenty to choose from. You can regularly find them in and out of a facebook page called Chicken Swap of Baldwin County. Great site with great people!

Cheers, Scott
I have looked at a lot of hatchery sites and I keep coming back to theirs. I'm definitely going to order my chicks from them as soon as I get the coop completed this summer. Thank you for the great recommendation. Since I'm not ordering a huge quantity of birds and they will be for my own small flock, I feel I'd like to have a closer connection to the source then some massive hatchery operation cranking out thousands of birds a day.

Much appreciated.
Thanks for inquiring about our farm, and thank You Nancy and Scott for your recommendations! Tina if you have any questions, please let us know and we would be happy to help you with selecting breeds for your new flock!

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