Cat advice needed


6 Years
Sep 12, 2013
We have a cat that's 12 years old and he has a huge growth between his nose and mouth. I've asked my vets assistant about it and she seems to think we should leave the growth alone if its not bothering him. The growth started out and I really just thought it was a mole that just popped up. Then each week it grew in size. I'm afraid it might actually be cancer and in fear it will spread if he has surgery. Has anyone seen or had to deal with anything like this? He's always been healthy and he is an indoor/outdoor kitty.
Kinda what I was thinking. I'm gonna take him to the vet next week. Just curious if anyone has ever seen anything like it. It's crazy looking. I guess I'm afraid of hearing it could be cancer.
I don't know much about cats but if he doesn't have surgery or radiation or chemo if cancer, it's going to grow so large he won't be able to eat
I was curious as to why you asked the vets' assistant & not the vet? Anyway, it looks like it has a huge blood supply to it, so if it gets whacked or nicked, it will make a heck of a mess not to mention weaken the cat & possibly let infection in. Even if it is cancer, it may well be contained within a cell capsule and easily excised. Fingers crossed, prayers sent up for you both, keep us posted. Sue
I should have waited and asked the vet. Idk what I was thinking to be honest. :/ Hopefully we will get everything taken care of this week. Fingers crossed. Thanks for the prayers and concern. I'll keep y'all posted
Flash (the cat) has surgery tomorrow. Still not sure what it is so a biopsy will be done. Will keep y'all posted.

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