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  1. Ok, so I need to get rid of some dust...and be frugal with the DE - especially keeping the bag closed properly since kitty possibly went snooping in the bag

    My kitty Sherpa (Phurba Tashi Sherpa) has the same cough wheeze that I've seen on youtube videos of kitty's asthma. At first I thought it was a hairball but after treatment still no ball. He's always dirty and dusty, either rolling in it or exploring the corners of the shed. Anyone else notice asthma symptoms in their cat since aquiring a chicken hobby?

    Thought I would try treating him with an inhaler and a plastic tube (like the aerokat tube but homemade) and just see if that helps him some. He's eating good, acting normal but has that wheeze cough on occasion. A vet visit is likely.
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    If kitty was in the DE it could surely have caused the problem. If inhaler does not help I would surely go to vet asap, no sense in letting him suffer because in the end that is probably what you will have to do, and waiting to go means longer more difficult recovery. do not overdose him on inhaler it could mean a horrible death. He may need some steroids. Please let me know how kitty makes out.
  3. looks like kitty will need a lavage test...

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