Cat attack!


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11 Years
Mar 15, 2008
Lord i just went out to check for eggs and my salmon favorelle roo has the whole middle of his comb tore almost off darn cats!!! he seems to be bleeding alot my brother is catching him what should we do? he is still running around though.
The comb will stop bleeding on its own, but if you want to help it along, take a clean rag, and hold pressure on it until it stops, or put a pinch of flower on it to help it clot. If it is damaged badly, you might want to dub it. Good luck!
rinse it off really well...then you can apply some flour to the wound. This will help stop the bleeding. Most of the times tho, it will stop on its own. Keep him in a small area ( dog crate, box) for a few hours at make sure the bleeding stops. Then you might want to apply some Blue Kote...before you put him back in with the hens. They are likely to peck at it.
*get the comb bleeding stopped, check him carefully for other wounds-- wash & disinfect any you find. Keep him warm & hydrated. Add antibiotics to his water. Then go smack that cat!!

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