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Apr 7, 2008
Around 5pm today I was outside and my cat Cain was fine. At 6pm I walked down to my chicken house to collect eggs and Cain was laying near the side of the chicken house with severe injuries. I will not go into detail but the injuries were to his stomach area and I instantly know he had to be put down. I am not afraid of vet bills and if I thought he could have been saved I would have spent the money. However, he was beyond help. Cain was great and full of personality - it makes me sick. His favorite place to hang out was near the chicken house. My first suspect was my dog - he is not mean but will snap at the cats if he thinks they are eating something he might want. He was quickly cleared by wiping a wet papertowel around his mouth. Whatever attacked Cain would have had blood on him. It had to have been another dog or a coyote.

My chicken house is in the corner of my property. There is a large open hay field behind me and a large tree line to the side of me. The chicken house is located where the hay field and tree line intersect which makes great cover for anything. I have occasionally seen a neighbors' dog eyeballing my birds through the fence. I also know there are coyotes in the area.

The cat had no visual head injuries. It looks like whatever grabbed him went straight for his stomach. He was not afraid of dogs so I don't know if he rolled over in front of whatever attacked him or if they chased him and grabbed him there. I thought this was a dog since it did not pack him off to eat him. However, I found blood on the other side of the chicken house so he managed to get under it. Also, my dog was in the yard so he could have chased whatever was after him off.

I'm sorry I'm ranting but here is my question:
What would go for his stomach instead of his head? Would a coyote attack between 5-6pm in the evening when the neighbors that live on the other side of the tree line are out in their yard talking, plus my dog was laying in the yard? As gross and indecent as this sounds I'm considering leaving my poor deceased cat out instead of burying him. I'm thinking a coyote would come back and pack him off. This was a horrible end to an otherwise enjoyable weekend.

BTW - my chickens are in an enclosed pen so they are safe. However, my cats apparently are not
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I have seen a coyote pack hunting at 5 or 6 pm while I was sitting out on my porch, they were hunting feral cats in the 4 ft chainlink fenced yard across the street. It could have been a coyote. Probably only one, the cat was still there. I am sorry for your loss.

I have a 6 ft privacy fence that so far keeps the coyotes out of my back yard. Found a rat in my hen house feeder this afternoon, it got away. I have some cover to move and some fencing to improve.
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If it was a coyote, the cat would be gone without a trace. They don't leave what they kill (I understand he was still alive but they coyote will attempt to run away with it's prey)--or consume as much as possible before leaving. The cats I've lost to coyotes (two) have just been here one day and gone the next. No signs of anything. Same with the chickens I lost before I got my LGD. Not even a feather.

I would guess raccoon in your case.
I'm so sorry. My guess would be coyote, possibly attracted by the chickens. You mentioned a field; has it been recently mowed? The reason I ask is because the sound of mowing will attract coyotes looking for injured or displaced rats, mice and rabbits and the like.

I'm so sorry you lost your cat. I hope you figure out your predator problem and get it fixed quickly...
Cain was about a 10 + lb cat. Plus, he was fixed and was definately not a fighter.

I've lived here 9 years and I've had cats the entire time. I've never lost one to any animal attack. Raccoons here are abundant and I've never seen them as a threat to a cat. If the raccoon would have attacked him, wouldn't it have tried to eat him to? I just don't understand why his head and neck was fine and all of the damage was to his stomach. I'm concerned whatever it is will go after the rest of my cats.

The hay field was baled about a month ago.
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