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8 Years
Oct 11, 2011
There was a cat in our yard. I was luck enough to see it. It was a big brown tabby- and didn't look especially hungry, but we've never had any cats in our yard before, not even our neighbors cats. I scared it off, but do you think it was after our chickens? Do you think it will come back???

Scarred for my chickens....

Not if your chickens are big. The typical house cat weighs 8 pounds. A standard chicken is about 5 pounds. I think the larger hens are ok.
I would still try to get the cat out of the yard. Live trap it and take it to the humane society. They can find the owner or re-home it. I think it is better than finding it run over.
Sorry if that sounds harsh. I have had many cats in my yard and not very friendly. Not to mention the unspeakable things they do in my flowerbeds.

Yes I have house cats. NOT yard cats.
I don't think you have anything to worry about. We have a lot of cats and strays and they have never bothered our birds. My chickens even pick on the cats and peck them haha. One of our cats have caught a little wild bird once though so if you have any little tiny chicks I would watch out for them. We do have smaller chickens but they seem to be fine and the cats don't bother them.
Our neighbor recently got a cat that they allow outside. She was interested in my chickens, she would sit on the fence and look at them. It was probably weird for her to see such big birds that didn't fly or run away. When she jumped down into my yard, they all ran at her squawking, and now she just looks at them through the fence!
we lost a lot of chooks, ducks and pigeons to cats, even a few full grown orpington hens (yes, we do have some nasty ferals around, we're just convinient distance from the city for cat dumping), not taking anymore chances, we know the neighbours cats any new ones they will tell us, anything without collars are shot.
I have lots of house cats, stray cats and feral cats. Some I feed, some just show up. None mess with my chickens. Every new cat is interested for a bit, then give up.
I'd be cautious if I had chicks or little chickens.

Small bantams might be in danger but cats are different from dogs; they don't go after larger prey because they don't hunt in packs, they prefer small rodents and birds. My two outdoor cats will sometimes 'stalk' my chickens, but that usually ends in the cats sleeping in the sun in the middle of the flock
I always had "ditch tigers" around my old place, never had a problem with them nabbing (or trying to nab) our chickens. Oh I was worried at first, they would sit and watch, in perfect "stalking position", but thats all they ever did- watch. I liked having them around, kept the mice population to a dull roar. Guess that's what I got by having a house surrounded by woods, corn, and soybean fields.

I don't know if they might try and go after a bantam, but I would be very leery with new chicks for sure.
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