Cat is out to get me!

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    Jan 27, 2011
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    So I have a very sweet cat, who is a bit brain damaged. I am not lieing on there. He was hand raised and has serious health issues, but he is the sweetest cat there is. His name is Purr, which is an apt name for him. He even cuddles with anything that will let him, including the sick chickens I put in the bath tub. He tries to cuddle with the other cats or entice them into play but they want nothing to do with him. Our big 100 something pound shepherd husky mix cuddles with him though, which makes him sooo happy. The big dog, Zack, Loves being outside in the cold. So I have at times found him in his dog house with barn cats and feral cats, and even neighbors cats, cuddling with him. He is our livestock guardian dog without being a livestock guardian beed hehe. he protects everything on the farm. He's so sweet.
    Any how, I had set the new incubator on the bathroom floor while I was cleaning up some counter space and well it is shaped like a litter box. I turned in time to see Purr start to squat and I jerked him up in time, but i was pooped on.
    My mother comes wandering from the other side of the house when the commotion occurred and asked " good lord Kristen why are you threatening to stuff a cork in the cat's butt?"
    I and purr look at her simultaneously. I am holding purr out away from me, and fussing and purr is... purring, completely unphased by my displeasure.
    Later I was walking and Purr runs right under my foot as I step down, forcing me to step square on his back. Well I do the " avoiding crushing a cat" dance and hop sideways onto the poor dog who yipes an jumps up causing me to dance the other way and plunge face first onto the side of the bed.
    So now my back hurts, the dog is sulking, and purr is napping on my robe, purring.
    It's a conspiracy I tell you.

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