Cat pan?

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11 Years
Aug 26, 2008
mtns of ,NC.
I have moved my broody hen into a new extra-large cat pan with cover. She can see out and there is ventilation on top. Has anyone done this before? Did it work well for you. Keep your fingers crossed that she sticks with it. This is my first broody.
Gloria Jean
Thanks, I sure hope she sits. How are yours doing now? Cyn. Has Riley decided to sit yet. This is Willow my biggest buff orp. that is setting now. Do you have anymore of your project for mixed Ameracana and BR? Were their eggs olive? Gloria Jean

PS. Are you hatching any of the Ameracanas? I bet I spelled that wrong.
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I have a few Ameraucanas in my brooder who are 16 days old, Gloria Jean. No, Riley is still acting broody, but hasn't started sitting yet. I dont know if she will, but she has the broody screech down pat! I don't have any of the Barred EEs right now, no. May when I get a broody hen who is dedicated, but honestly, I don't plan to hatch anymore of those in the near future.
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