Cat scheduled for amputation tomorrow.


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We adopted a little kitty a couple of months ago. She has been an indoor/outdoor cat and spends time with at least 3 of my neighbors that I know of. Friday night one of them called and said she was hurt and on their porch. My hubby went to get her and called me to come and get them and take them to the emergency vets. $500 plus dollars later and we learned she had a broken left rear leg, a bad gash on her backside, but no other damage or brain damage. We picked her up new years eve and spent our evening holding her and giving her meds. Then to the regular vet today to learn that her break was so unusual that they wanted to refer her to a special clinic 90 minutes away. Estimate : several thousand. Option 2 was for our regular vet to try and use pins and wires and it would make the joint immobile for $950. We declined to euthanise her and are having her leg amputated tomorrow for $450. She is young, about 9 months old and vet feels that she will adapt well. Does anyone have experience with a handicapped cat? I am hopeful that she will adjust.
My Sister-in-law had to amputate her cat's back leg too. She was an older kitty when it happened though. She adjusted just fine. My only advice to you is since she is so young and will have a long life without 25% of her weight bearing ability, you should make sure she is ALWAYS slim and trim. Extra weight and excess wear and tear on her remaining back leg could cause her trouble as she ages.
I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty!

Are you planning on keeping her indoors now that she's going to have the three legs?

I have two kittens, one who is deaf. We wanted them to be indoor/outdoor, but have a feeling that the deaf one is only going to be allowed outdoors on a leash. Too much risk involved.

We had them neutered and spayed today. I feel so terrible for them - especially the little girl. She's obviously in more pain. Doesn't it make you just cringe to see your little ones hurt? May she have a speedy recovery!
We have had a cat with a missing front leg (cancer) and one with a missing back leg (accident) --

Both of them came from our vet as they were given up by their owners who didn't want a three-legged cat -- silly people --
Each was several years old when the amputation was done and both lived long and happy lives ---

You will be astounded by how well your little kitty does ---
Let us know -- we'll be thinking of you ---

Nancy got caught in a fox trap and escaped with a shattered paw. The vet amputated it and the only difference is that she hops now. She still prefers the outdoors from spring-fall, but we make her come in when it snows or gets too cold we worry about frostbite. She will still give other cats a run for their money though.

They don't seem to notice that the appendage is gone and adapt right away.
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My vet told me Fiona's surgery would be first thing this morning, so I have called every couple of hours all day. She finally was seen and got out of surgery about 5 pm. They siad she is doing fine and we are planning to pick her up after work tomorrow. My kind neighbors have been checking with me about her and one even gave me a check for $200 towards her bills. ( now over a thousand). I am anxious to see how she is doing. Miss the little thing. They also estimated her age at 9 months.

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