Catching up with Steven at FT. Leonard Wood,, what a fiasco!

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    I've had a few ask how Steven is doing so I thought I'd catch everyone up that hasn't been following his soap opera on Facebook. He left last Wednesday on schedule, got to Ft. Leonard Wood and spent the weekend with some basic training buddies who are there for AIT also. He said they had a great fireworks display,, then it went to Hades in a handbag. He was calling me to tell me they had no record of his contract and could I call his recruiter or unit here and get them to scan it into the system, this was yesterday the 5th,, the long Gov't. weekend. I got his recruiter and explained what was happening,, he figured out they were trying to send him through basic training again! They couldn't find his contract because they were looking in the wrong place.. ok,, should be easy to fix right? Wrong. Today I get a call with him telling me they have his basic training records now but NO record or proof of his enlisting in the Army! His recruiter can't find the contract at his office and has run over the MEPS to see if they can find is forms. Steven called me because he knew I have a copy. I insisted on a copy of every piece of paper concerning his enlistment. So I grab my file, find the papers and fly into El Paso to the recruiter's office. His Sgt. isn't there he's still at MEPS looking for papers I have in my hand that need to be faxed to Ft. LW ASAP,, The SFC sitting behind his desk has this conversation with me: "Can I help you?" "Yes, where is Sgt. Snow?" "He isn't here can I help you?" "Yes, these papers need to be faxed ASAP to this number and person at Ft. Leonard Wood because my son is sitting in a liaison's office waiting for proof he enlisted." "Ok, I'll leave them on his desk." "No,,, where is your fax machine and I'll do it myself." "I can fax it for you, just leave it with me and I will take care of it later." "NO! Where is your (*&(^(^&(*&)*) fax machine, it needs to go *^^*^^^ right *&^^^^ NOW!" About this time another recruiter who knows me walks in the door about the time I'm really getting hot under the collar. I explain to him what is going on and he takes the papers, makes two copies, hands me back mine and faxes it. Now why couldn't the idiot I talked to first do this?? Because it's not his job,,,

    I'm still waiting to hear if everything is straightened out,, but now his training has been pushed back to July 12th instead of the 5th so he'll be there longer than anticipated. He's so excited about his career, and it just seems this comedy of errors in going to go on for far too long.
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    Wow! What a mess! I hope they got it straightened out finally!
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    Welcome to the military! Guess where the term SNAFU originated.
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    Welcome to the bureaucracy. Which is what the U.S. military is. The largest bureaucracy in the country subject to all the ills that comes with it.

    When I went into the service thirty years ago I had to register with the Selective Service three times. They couldn't find my original registration. Then when I went off to basic they could not find the one my recruiter had me do so I had to do it again. Naturally this caused problems for years when three different numbers would crop up and they'd act like it was MY fault.

    You were very wise to keep copies of everything. Chances are you'll be needing them again at some point.
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    I love the of the funniest things that happened in our crowd happened during the Viet Nam SISTER Roberta got was fun trying to straighten that one was Roberta not Robert, and there had been no gender monkeying around...we have also kept a dupicate copy of any and all paperwork through the is very important to do so...
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    No word since about 1pm yesterday when I took the records in. The only that got weird on mine was a few months after I was discharged I got a call from the DOD looking for me,, saying I was supposed to be in DC on duty and where was I? I told them I had been discharged months before, medical, and they said "We can fix that!" AT the time I said no thanks, now I wish I had let them fix it lol!
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    This sounds like SOOOOOOOO many episodes that my daughter has had over the last 5 years (geez, has it been that long??? Yep!!).

    Prior to her Iraq deployment she had been drilling in Orlando with the 377th MI BTN. Then, Alpha Co. started drilling in Jacksonville which is a lot closer to us, so they put her in Alpha Co. and she started drilling there. She had been drilling there about 3 months when one Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m., I got a call from the Staff Sgt. in Orlando, wanting to know where Spec. Jones was...she was supposed to be at drill.

    Of course, I panicked for a few minutes because I knew she had left at 4:00 a.m. to drive over to Jax so she could be there no later than 6:00 for PT. Then I realized they were calling from ORLANDO. I told him she was drilling in Jax and he said...."Oh, yeah. Ok....well...sorry to bother you, M'am."

    WTH??? You scared the absolute sh#* out of me for a minute, you [email protected]&%#(#&@.

    Oh, and what about the time her unit was supposed to be flying back from Utah to Ft. Dix just prior to deployment. They had been there for a couple of weeks of training. Whoever was supposed to make their flight arrangements "forgot". They got to the airport and no one had tickets waiting. Sat there for 4 hours while the unit commander got everyone a ticket...which means faxing everyone's orders to Carlson Wagonlit so the funds can be released for their tickets.

    I could go on and on....but in the end, she's still glad she enlisted and has had more experiences from 18 - 23 years of age than most of us have in a lifetime!!

    Hope you hear from him soon..... [​IMG]
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    My DH is deployed, and still gets reminders for drill weekends... for OTHER units.. not even his own unit. very odd... i save the papers, the first time I called and explained that NO, my husband would NOT be there, as he is in afghanistan... they were like "OH!"... then 3 weeks later, another notice. now i just file 'em.
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    Dec 25, 2007
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    I'm hoping no news is good news,, haven't heard from anyone in the circus today.
  10. WriterofWords

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    Dec 25, 2007
    Chaparral, New Mexico
    Better news today! They have finally shipped him over to his training unit. They've lost his entire 201 file, so they are trying to put it back together and he'll be filling out and signing a lot of paperwork. I've supplied almost everything here since I have copies,,, the one I'm thanking God I had for sure is his contract on signing bonus for his MOS,, he could have lost a heck of a bonus because of this. But he called me today and it's looking up! I also have an address to write to now.

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