Cats and Chickens


10 Years
Apr 20, 2009
S.W. Kentucky

I introduced my newest cat to my hens and now he follows them everywhere.
Is your kitty "stalking" them or is he/she just curious. My cat never seemed interested in the chickens. The guineas chased her all the time though. Now my kitten is curious but I won't let her get too close. She is very small.

That is a really cute picture. Our two older cats never bothered the chickens much and the chickens always gave the cats a wide berth. Those two cats have since passed on. Now we have two younger (under one year) cats and do not let them outside just yet. We have 13 banties that are 7 weeks old and to the cats they look just like the birds at the feeder. So everybody has to stay put for a while longer.

Your cat seems to be saying "Hmmm, I wonder if they do taste just like chicken".
My six 12 week old Girls like to follow my cat around the yard. They have a very strange relationship. Pansy (the cat) is fascinated by the chickens, but a bit leery of them too. She'll be walking along, with six half grown hens following a few feet behind her, then she'll stop and look over her shoulder at them. The chickens immediately freeze, then kind of casually look around, like they are saying "who, us? We're not following you!" (I swear they would whistle if they could...) Pansy then proceeds on her way with the Girl's following, until she stops and looks again. Same song and dance. I guess they are easily amused!
My cat and four hens play games. Cat stalks towards chickens, chickens notice but ignore, cat creeps up, chickens look at cat, cat runs and hides. Or, cat runs at chickens from across yard, chickens pretend to run away, cat stops, chickens approach cat, cat runs away. The cat will also hide as the chickens wander near, then jump out as if to pounce, but never gets too close. The chickens run about 3 steps and stop. Cat wanders off, disgusted.

Silly critters.

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