Cats and Kittens for adoption in NY/Vt.. please read and help!

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    Mar 16, 2008

    are a small group of caring people who help the homeless cats and kittens, from owner surrenders to shelter cats and kittens. They have not updated the pics of kitties in need of homes yet but will soon! Currently they have alot of kittens in need of good homes, they have barn cat programs, and a senior cat for senior people program as well as other programs, if you think you can open your heart to a homeless feline please contact me and i can give them the info... They are trying hard to help homeless felines.

    Currently they are seeking more foster homes as well as adoptive homes, they need the following items- good condition cat carriers, crates, blankets, towels, pet food, cat litter, sponsors for cats and kittens to get spayed, transporters to help, flea preventative, and many more items.
    Currently they have calico kittens, black/white kittens, orange tiger kittens,snowshoe mix kitten, lilac point siamese mix kitty, tortoiseshell kitty, white kittens, maine coon russian blue mix kitten and many others.
    Also, if you are in the area near them, if they have room to take in your kittens, in turn they will work with you on getting you a low cost spay for the mother cat.
    They are not a nonprofit group, all expenses come out of their own pockets, so any help you can give them is greatly appreciated, they are looking into becoming a nonprofit organization..

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